1st or 3rd person game

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1st or 3rd person game

Postby rzn6jw » 15 October 2012, 22:17

Before I buy this game, is this in 1st or 3rd person? Does it have keyboard customization for PC? Lastly, how about PC options: Graphics, FOV, Anti-alias, etc - any at all?

It looks great but after the fiasco of BRINK (what a waste of $$ after such a great vendor lead-in) a year or so ago, I've grown careful about how I spend my money. I try to find out most particulars about a game before buying, and I've learned to never pre-order until I know!!
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Re: 1st or 3rd person game

Postby Gardum » 20 October 2012, 23:23

Third person view, works quite well as I don't mind that way of playing, is easier to see some one behind you :)
Has a few settings in Video like SSAO FXAA Shadows Particles and texture quality ?

You can also adjust some sound settings like volume and music and such.

Some complain about the control system, but after 5 or so minutes you will start to get into it and I don't even think about it now, works great for me.

I play Styx a little more than Arkail as I like the Rogue style of play.

Would have liked the ability to play the game as just one or the other as well as the buddy style? (Patch maybe ;) ) and maybe have a friend play over internet or lan as one or the other would be a nice touch (Patch maybe as well )

Other than those two things (which would make it a really great game IMHO ) I really like the game as I am not playing anything else now that I have it :)
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