Just an opinion....

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Just an opinion....

Postby Ithonas » 26 October 2012, 07:53

Hello guys! How are you?

Ok , first things first....
Is there going to be a sequel?
If there is going to be one....I wanted to tell you my opinion of this game...
The game had great story , i really liked the styx-arkail combo and how they talked....
but if you ask me you could put alot more "Choices-Quests" and alot more impact on the story about the choices you make!
Something else is...the items... More variety please! this could be awesome... i don't care about the currency ,i didnt even cared about that as i was playing because this game attracted me of the Story and the combo of those 2 guys! i loved it!

Bigger maps something like witcher or skyrim more free play choice! not some small locked maps...Kill 5 soldiers move to the next map and so on...
If the combat system was more free with flexibility like assasin's creed for styx and arkail and a bit more blood!!! This game would be something AMAZING for me...

Anyway i really enjoyed the game all in all! But You can Improve it A WHOLE LOT! this game has a future by my opinion and a new universe!
Ok! So...what i am missing?
A yes more funny comments from styx!

Thak you for reading this and thanks for the game!
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