ok lets talk action figures :)

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ok lets talk action figures :)

Postby DarkKlown » 10 June 2013, 20:33

I think they could get a good two series of about 4 to 5 characters out of this game. take main story characters and even random orcs and goblins tons of weapons pure gold. I loved this game so much I want to have the slaughtering duo.
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Re: ok lets talk action figures :)

Postby Buggs » 29 November 2013, 07:59

Oh I'd love that, they would go up right next to my Chris Redfield and Gears of War(they were a gift, i think GoW is seriously overrated) and my classic and new Marvel action figures.

I would love to have Arkail and Styx standing side-by-side in a similar tableu to the cover art, Orcs and Goblins have always been my favorite characters from fantasy history.
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Re: ok lets talk action figures :)

Postby Gnakbrecha » 09 December 2013, 18:07

Action Figures would be great! Arkail and Styx would fit nicely in my collection.
Without official figures, the closest thing to Arkail you could get would probably be this Hulk ;)
On a side note: Think about Of Orcs and Men Tabletop miniatures. Considering Cyanide has the rights to Confrontation Rackham,
I'm sure this could be done.
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