This game is too good to not have a sequel

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This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby l84571557 » 12 June 2013, 23:24

Hi there, forum newbie here.

First of all, let me say that I ADORE Cyanide and Spider's "Of Orcs And Men".
It's a bit hard to swallow in the first hour, because I was utterly confused by the combat mechanism and the world setting. But later on in the game, once you get the hang of it and really starting to think about strategy and build up, the game grows on you and you start to care for the characters and the story.

At some point the story is a hit-and-miss. For example, the horrifying act of burning a building full of people seems to have no repercussion on our heroes' psyche, which is strange considering Arkail was the one opposing Sarkyss' blind obsession with revenge at the first place. (I wonder if there is a honor-bound code in Orcs' culture regarding torturing and killing non-combatant?)
Since Arkail had trouble with expressing himself, many of his inner conflicts were conveyed through Styx's monologue, who offers comic relief but didn't dwell deep enough at times. Nevertheless, when he opens up, you come to love the character after all.
Styx...what can I say, he's one of the kind ;) , you gotta love him even if he's a potty mouth.

My favorite part of the game is definitely chapter 3. Dealing with Arkail and Styx's past is one of the most compelling acts I seen in a very long time, right up there with PS:T transcendent one, NWN2 MotB, DAO Morrigan's dark ritual and beats most of ME Shepard's grandiose speeches.
Another thing is the soundtrack. I understand that Olivier Deriviere had composed many great videogame soundtracks, but Boston Cello Quartet really come as a pleasant surprise. I can't believe it but this game actually made me want to learn how to play a cello :lol: The soundtracks add to the somber tone of the game yet they are inspiring at the same time.

The open ending makes me wonder if we would ever get a sequel of "Of Orcs And Men"? This game is heavily underrated in my opinion, maybe due to the fact that it's an action game that actually require you stop and think for a moment.
Yes there are flaws in the game, but in general they are not unresolvable and can be improved in a nicely polished sequel, though the F-bombs and the awkward use of "rape" are a must go.

(Many reviewers have negative impressions with the amount of unnecessary swearing in the dialogues and even those who see the swearing as an unique identity find the term "psychic rape" unwelcome. It's funny the first time around when Sarathine use the word "rape" in order to explain magic in a layman's term, but not so much when repeated four or five times.)
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby Syl » 20 June 2013, 08:55


Thank you for the feedbacks !

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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby grommash » 25 September 2013, 11:13

Syl wrote:Hi,

Thank you for the feedbacks !


Really nice game, and Graphics. Nice movement and nice quest.

hope in a sequel.
regards from italy
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby Gnakbrecha » 10 October 2013, 21:30

You're right, this game really deserves a sequel.
As far as I know, Of Orcs and Men was originally planned as a trilogy.
The universe is impressing, it would be a waste not to use it in future games.
And of course I want to know what is going to happen after that open-end! :)
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby Buggs » 29 November 2013, 07:55

Morning all.

New poster.

I came over this game by accident, i was waiting in the centre of town for someone who was late and decided to pop into game just to see what i could pick up later in the year, i saw the game and had a look.

it reminded me of Orcs by Stan Nicholls, a book series met with mixed reception but which i enjoyed a lot, I picked it up and played it for a short while and although I enjoyed it I had received other games at the same time as a gift and (although I was late to them) I ended up choosing mass effect and dragon age, I only picked this game up again this week.

Let me start by saying Of Orcs and Men is a fantastically underrated game, it looks great, it plays very well, with the combat style working to allow tactics by swapping between characters on the fly and correcting queues to allow for healing, threat or tanking etc...

The characters are well sculpted and believable and I even appreciate the "potty mouth" as an interpretation of characters no longer possessing a will to contain their disdain toward each other or the situation.

Mostly however the storyline is absorbing and you don't so much follow it as much as you are dragged along kicking and screaming by it at times, I too found the exploration into the characters psyches a gripping part of the storyline and frequently found myself annoying my girlfriend by telling her what was happening as i progressed.

This game makes me wish i had qualifications in the computer game design field as id love to work on a sequel, just playing this game gave me ideas, I personally don't think there is too much to improve upon for a sequel but i definitely think that keeping and updating the save game from the previous game is a must.

Thanks to the dev teams for this game, it has rocketed into my favorite spot and will forever gleam as a gem in a sea of mediocrity for action/rpgs, in an age when a lot of games are just mashed out with cut corners simply aimed at profit this game contains a lot to offer and its a joke that its been overlooked for a-list games.

this game is fantastic, warts and all and I would be proud to work on it in whatever method possible and so should you be Devs.
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby Tzakkesh » 08 December 2013, 17:51

I was absolutely shocked by the graphics in this game as well as the story and the characters. The story can be cliche in many places, but there were some real surprises in there.

It was interesting how the characters could still be clearly identified as an "Orc" and a "Goblin" while still being quite likable and sympathetic. Sure, WarCraft did it first-- but it is still difficult to pull off at times. The game definitely made me want to learn more about the world. The look of the elf and dwarf in the end were not at all what I expected, I guess they needed to be made less attractive and stereotypical to clearly identify them as villains.

There are quite a few things I would like to see in a sequel...
* A few things that were a bit annoying in this game were the constant complaints by the characters that the other one was too far away-- sometimes even happening when they were right next to one another. This could use some fixing. Perhaps Arg can follow Styx in stealth at a safe distance if no enemies have been encountered.
Also, the characters seem to be painfully slow to react once combat has begun and seem to insist on using their worst attacks at all times. A much improved AI for the characters would be greatly appreciated.
I also got stuck a couple times because of the invisible walls attempting to keep you on the road and away from the walls and the lack of a jump command. Worst was in the city when Styx was hit while in midjump and fell back behind a stairwell and though it looked simple enough to just walk out-- it was impossible to do so and I had to reload the game.
* Elf and dwarf enemies
* The last boss you didn't actually really fight come back as some sort of undead with mystical powers.
* Female Orcs (They are mentioned to exist, but the only females in the game are human.)
* Do Orcs ride any sort of mount? It seems in this game they really could have used one at several points. Now that they are free, perhaps they could get one. A level where one does mounted combat while traveling some where could be fun.
* More clearly improved equipment in the game. It is a bit odd how there is some equipment that is clearly superior to others in all ways while at the same time so much of the equipment is kind of all the same, improving different stats. Past chapter 2, I was never particularly excited about getting new equipment because it was virtually always worse than what I already had-- it would be better if players actually wanted to equip new items when they were gained.

Also, the humans keep saying "Green Skins" as though it has a meaning beyond simply Orcs. But given that Goblins have only existed for about 100 years and aren't even a real people, it makes me think-- are there others we just didn't see in the game? Perhaps the sequel can have a battle with a Troll-- within this game you never once fight an enemy that is larger than you and so getting to take on an enemy who is would be a fun change of pace.
Is there a cousin race to the Orcs that humans would pejoratively dub "hobgoblins"? If so, perhaps one could join Arg and Styx as an a support character. I am thinking a character who uses a bow in offensive stance and a short sword in defensive stance could be a nice addition. Have it only be playable in a couple optional side missions and otherwise take on the job of taking care of the heroes mounts. Maybe the "hobgoblins" could end up betraying the Orcs in the very end and joining the humans, including the character that was with you throughout the game.

Doing something with the goblins would be good too-- some sort of story turn that would begin making them less animal and more clearly allies with the Orcs. At least some motions in that direction, I think the concept in full realization could come in a third installment.
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby lithnar » 03 January 2014, 02:47

I Have Not Been Playing Long But I Believe That Somwe Online Co-Op Would be Awesome :D
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby DavidMatthew » 21 April 2017, 06:56

There are many diversions I'd jump at the chance to see a greater amount of yet for the ones that will in all likelihood never get one I say Jade Empire. Played it surprisingly this year on the Xbox despite the fact that I had a duplicate for quite a long time I was amazed by the amount I enjoyed the game right through to the finishdissertation writing help and a spin-off that could enhance the mechanics while as yet holding a spiritualist setting with an assortment of characters would make one serious game.
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby ronaldthomas » 30 May 2017, 07:02

There is a lot of pastime, I will jump to the opportunity to see a larger amount, but those who will probably never get one I said, jade empire. Play it surprisingly it was this year in xbox despite the fact that I had a repetition for quite a long time and I was surprised by the amount that I liked the game right through to completion pay for dissertation and a by-product that could strengthen the mechanics while Also holding a person set up with a character classifier will become a serious game.
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Re: This game is too good to not have a sequel

Postby Rose92 » 05 June 2017, 08:42

Dream Sequels segment, where we conceptualize a sequel to a game that doesn't have one, I thought of no other game I'd rather be writing about than SEGAs surprise horror hit Alien: Isolation. The game made huge waves in 2014 for a variety of reasons we will go over, granting it unabashedly positive reception and a flurry of game of the year consideration (it was my personal No. 1 pick, that's for sure), so Alien Isolation 2 is high on my wish list. Assistance in Essay Writing
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