Impossible to win? (spoiler)

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Impossible to win? (spoiler)

Postby Aargh » 04 August 2013, 10:16

I'm at the part where I killed the emperor and Arkail gets captured by the inquisitors. Styx now has to fight a knight and an inquisitor on his own, but no matter what I do it seems this fight is unbeatable. My Styx is built for pure offense which worked brilliantly when Arkail was around to keep all he enemies aggro'd while Styx killed them, making the game almost too easy. But without Arkail to tank all the damage, Styx dies in just a few hits. Not to mention the inquisitor can paralyse and the knight can stun, so on most of my attempts Styx gets killed very very easily without being able to fight back. Even if I interrupt them and don't get paralysed they just outdamage me by a wide margin.

Is there any way to deal with this or am I just completely fucked for not using the "right" build? I've been enjoying the game a lot so far, but this shit is ruining the game for me.
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Re: Impossible to win? (spoiler)

Postby grommash » 25 September 2013, 11:08

hi Aarh , it seems you don't improve Stigx control abilities.
( i'm from italy so sorry for bad english )
for stigx it's vitality control the enemy with : kick ( improve maybe stun ) , bomb ( high chance to stun target and nearby enemy ) just in case that ark die.

try this if you can
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Re: Impossible to win? (spoiler)

Postby Tzakkesh » 08 December 2013, 17:22

I found a neat little trick that I had to use a several times in the game.

Styx has a heal ability that allows you to convert his concentration to health. If Arg goes down, you can have Styx kite the enemy and lead them running around in circles, his concentration will increase over time and then you can use it to heal and then start running again. This works especially well if you improved the heal so it restores twice as much health.

It doesn't work so well when the Inquisitor is still alive, but if you can kill the Inquisitor quickly then you can lead the knight around and heal up to full health before taking him on.

The best offensive string I found for Styx is Pierce Armor-> Stun Attack-> Flying Daggers. Particularly if you have improved these skills, this combo devastates high armored enemies real fast. If you have Poison Weapon or his buff ability, you can do those before you start fighting-- but it probably isn't a good idea to do so in this particular situation.
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Re: Impossible to win? (spoiler)

Postby saara » 24 July 2017, 17:15

I think they could get a good two series of about 4 to 5 characters out of this game. take main story characters and even random orcs and goblins tons of weapons pure gold. I loved this game so much I want to have the slaughtering duo.
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