How are there no topics on Psychic rape

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How are there no topics on Psychic rape

Postby NamelessOne » 11 June 2014, 20:09

I mean, seriously. WTF.

I'd like to start by saying I enjoyed the game. It had nice qualities, good ideas, and the whole package felt even a bit fresh.

Besides the entertainment value, up to a point I felt it made good steps towards being less problematic ideologically. It had women NPCs who weren't dressed in ways that are unsafe for battle, and who felt a bit like people didn't make a fuss about them being women. Its main theme was about an oppressed people who revolt against their oppressors (even though those oppressors after a point, were painted as evil in a somewhat simplified manner) and so on. All in all, quite good.

And then, I was called to go into someone's unconscious subconscious and pull them out of the hole that torture put them in (a classic concept in fantasy) and someone called that psychic rape.


Someone in another forum expressed my feelings perfectly:

and it's really not like Rape at all. You get magic-ed into the dreams/mind/soul of the female mage, find her dream-persona and help them.

When the game described it as 'rape', I expected to have to fight the woman's persona to control it or calm it down (which would be problematic)... but you don't. You enter her mind without her consent (as she is in a coma) but she is perfectly happy for you to be there and welcomes the help.

Really, it's just bad word-choice, but how did such a terrible word-choice get past editing and playtesting? How was it chosen in the first place?

This was a really bad choice of words. And it was repeated later on.

I want to note that I'm not against avoiding the concept and word rape at all costs from games or art. We depict all sorts of atrocities in games and art, and that's okay, in many forms. But I still find that this usage was uncalled for and its returns didn't warrant the triggers it might have caused to many people.

Come on, Cyanide. Just keep making nice games. Don't become douches for no reason.
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