PS3 - The end of an Era

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PS3 - The end of an Era

Postby sarahemi » 26 July 2017, 10:41

There is no doubt that the gaming consoles have their specific value in RPG, Action and Hack n Slash gaming. A time had come when PC almost took over all gaming consoles and games were only meant to be played on PC like GTA, CoD, Age Of Empires, DOTA but there was a unique strategy made by console manufacturers and they launched such legendary games like resident evil, far cry, last of us and last quarter of 2010 to 2015. This gave rise to the console gaming more than before and it is right to be said that they got a new life this way. This was the time for PS3 to make its space in the hardcore gamers and Sony did their best to do that. And results were awesome, PS3 was the best selling gaming console ever.
Since the time elapsed, it was time for PS4 to acquire market from PS3 and it happened very quickly. Some critics said that the Sony may change entire branding and logo for their upcoming console. But the Logo Design Service for Sony rejected this proposal, They said that this the main identity for Sony so there is no need for 'New Branding".
As a result, PS4 is in the market for 4 years and still competing PS3 to make it out of the market.
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Re: PS3 - The end of an Era

Postby natthanon1602 » 25 January 2018, 07:16


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