Real Madrid aim to grab "Alis" to watch the post.

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Real Madrid aim to grab "Alis" to watch the post.

Postby soksophoan » 16 March 2018, 02:28


Real Madrid to be targeted to grab Alisios, Roma to strengthen this summer. After the players show their form with the agency. But I have to compete with Liverpool who want to Brazil to watch the pole as well.แทง บอล ฟรี"White King" Real Madrid, the giants of the Spanish La Liga news is that the Alishan, an anus "Yellow-red wolf" Roma football club Serie A Serie A. The goal is to strengthen this summer. As reported on Friday, March 16th ago. In the past few months, Real Madrid has been reported to many anglers who may have come close to replacing the current one, which includes Manchester United's David de Kea. United and Tigert Gerritsley of Chelsea.Most recently, Mendodo deportivo reported that Real Madrid want to sign a contract with Alisine, which made an impressive performance in the Stadio Olimpico. Brazil national team Liverpool are also interested in the team, but the Merseyside team will face a heavy competition to grab the 25-year-old, if he gets a green light to move from Roma.Alessandro left the contract with Roma to 2021 and Ueshiba Di Francesco trainer team. I do not want to sell one of his key players, but the "yellow-red wolf" may look at the huge profits. After catching up only 6 million pounds (270 million) in 2015 [url=สมาชิกใหม่-sbobet-โบนัส-100/]แทง บอล ฟรี[/url]
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