Cannot install retail version

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Cannot install retail version

Postby vahaarl » 20 December 2013, 20:08

I just bought this game and i alwas get crc or i/o errors while installing.
Is there a fix?
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Re: Cannot install retail version

Postby FocusTechSupport » 13 January 2014, 09:37

In order to check if your DVD of Of Orcs and Men is defective or not, please copy the game installation files on the hard disk then install the game:

1. Insert the DVD of Of Orcs and Men and cancel the game installation.
2. Click the Windows Start button then Computer.
3. Right click on the DVD of Of Orcs and Men and click Open.
4. Click Organize (upper left) and click Select all.
5. Click Organize then Copy.
6. From the Desktop of Windows, right click on the screen background and click New then Folder.
7. Choose a folder name (OOAM for example) then open the folder.
8. Click Organize then Paste.

Windows will copy the installation files from the DVD of Of Orcs and Men to the folder on your desktop.
If there is no error during the copy, please run the application SETUP.EXE from the folder in order to install Of Orcs and Men.
Windows will install the game from the folder and not from the DVD.

Otherwise if there is an error during the copy, your DVD of Of Orcs and Men is defective.
You have a guarantee in the case when the game disc is defective.
Please return the product to the store to get a new copy.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Re: Cannot install retail version

Postby saaleha » 24 April 2015, 05:52

using my laptop that has windows 8.1 (acer aspire v3 551 8469)*** i didnt buy an optical drive with my rig but i bought windows 8.1 64bit oem ...
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