OFFICIAL !! Paris Saint Germain has confirmed the new "Nayma

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OFFICIAL !! Paris Saint Germain has confirmed the new "Nayma

Postby soksophoan » 12 January 2018, 16:25

sbo ninja
The end of a century of the century to be completed when Paris Saint Germain confirmed signing Neymar Barcelona. With the payment of a tear 222 million euros a world record with a 5-year contract.The shock of the world has been continuously spread in the past. Until Wednesday, Barcelona have confirmed that Neymar wants to move out of the team and ashes are ready to pay a tearful contract worth a fortune.Although La Liga will not accept the money to break the contract Neymar paid to pay. But it is not a problem when the last "alien" confirmed that they have received 222 million euros. It turned out to be a green light to open the way for Neymar.sbo ninja
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