Gamer Profile Inaccessible - Unable to save

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Gamer Profile Inaccessible - Unable to save

Postby HeWhoWalks » 30 December 2012, 09:52

Of Orcs and Men runs fine, with one exception: The game appears to be unable to save any configuration of game state information. Here are the symptoms I notice:

Upon first launch, after clicking OK on the Brightness Setting window, I get the following message:
Code: Select all
This gamer profile is inaccessible.  Unable to save user settings.

I also get the same message after changing game settings (Video, game, etc).
I'm able to play the game. I get another message about the gamer profile being inaccessible at autosave points, and when attempting to save and exit the game.
If I relaunch the game, I get the brightness prompt again as if it's the first run, and see the same message about an inaccessible profile. I have no option to continue a game, and no save files are present, but I can start a new game again.

Some information that may be relevant:
  • I have the Steam version of Of Orcs and Men.
  • I'm running Windows 8.
  • I didn't have this problem with the demo.
  • My computer is domain joined, and my My Documents folder is a redirected network share.
  • There is an Of Orcs and Men folder in my My Documents folder, with a graphicconfig.txt file in it, but nothing else. If I delete the folder and relaunch, the folder and file are recreated.
  • Running as administrator makes no difference.

Anyone seen this behaviour, or have any idea what I might need to do to resolve it?

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