Stuutering voices [PS3][Digital]

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Stuutering voices [PS3][Digital]

Postby Slesz » 12 December 2013, 23:15

I know it is pretty much far after official release and maybe too late a little, but maybe you can still fix it for some people.
I played through the whole game fine, but there was one MASSIVELY annoying thing, one huge glitch that was there the whole game from the beginning to the end. Very often character started to move and his voice started late. Just when I started to read the subtitles (becuase I wanted to know what were they talking about and the voice didn't start yet) and then suddenly character started talking. Ok, so I'm focusing on what he has to say and... he suddenly stops in the middle of the sentence. Why? Because scene was over, he started late and didn't finish on time, so the rest was cut off. I honestly tried as much as I could to focus only on subtitles, but it was very difficult hearing something i just read and focusing on the next thing. Such a great story here with such a great voice acting and spoiled by this annoying bug. Please please fix this, I gladly install any patch through PSN and play this again normally, maybe recommend it to few friends. It's not much for you, "few" people, I know. And now you probably consider it not worth the effort. But, oh, I still have hope.

P.S. The game looks are amazing, better even than Uncharted. How did you do that? :)
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Re: Stuutering voices [PS3][Digital]

Postby WilliamMorton » 28 August 2017, 10:06

I have this issue with either PS3. Each time I watch recordings or even play a few amusements, the sound continues removing sporadically for 1-2 seconds. Thing is, this doesn't occur with A/V links or with the HDMI snared to TV. Likewise regardless of the amount I tinker with the sound settings it continues happening. I'm getting another HDMI to check whether that is causing the issue, however I believe it's simply the HDMI port on the PS3. In the event that anybody can help kindly do, it's truly chafing. Writing Services UK | AssignmentEmpire
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Re: Stuutering voices [PS3][Digital]

Postby RehmaanMalik » 12 January 2018, 06:12

Severe audio problems on PS3- can't hear dialogue and many sound effects, options don't help. Any fix? Played the prologue- voices can faintly be heard with 'audio boost' set to max, odd squeaking sound can be heard, music fine, many sound effects missing. Has anyone else had this problem and can it be fixed?
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