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Mode not supported

Postby Shotgunwaffles » 29 March 2014, 00:45

I was playing Of Orcs and Men on steam the other night with no problem at all. the next day i get Mode not supported on my tv. Don't suppose somebody knows how to fix this?
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Re: Mode not supported

Postby FocusTechSupport » 06 May 2014, 10:00

Please open your Documents then the folder Of Orcs and Men.
Delete the file graphicconfig (or graphicconfig.txt).
Run the game.
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Re: Mode not supported

Postby jannu » 16 March 2015, 10:51


Je viens d'acquérir le jeu Of orcs and men mais lors de l'installation du jeu une erreur empêche son bon fonctionnement.
Il est indiqué : Une erreur est survenue en essayant de renommer un fichier dans le dossier de destination (il s'agit du fichier intitulé OfOrcsAndMan.exe).
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