Gerard Pique, Spanish political victim?

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Gerard Pique, Spanish political victim?

Postby soksophoan » 23 November 2017, 08:49

In the past week. One of the most talked-about players SBOBET is Rodrigo Perez, Barcelona's great defender, but not from the field or the transfer news. That is pure politics.

It is well known that the Catalans want to separate themselves from Spain. It has been called the Liberation of Catalonia. It led to the violence that the Spanish police have prevented to vote on Sunday, October 1 past.

Pueblo out to support the separation of Catalunya clearly. The fans are very dissatisfied. And the shouts. "I threw it" along with the label with the message abused. During his training with the Spanish national team. Before the 2018 World Cup qualifier.SBOBET

That makes the Guinean Pescy Spanish national team trainer. I have to cut off the fire early in the wind by ordering to finish the training before the scheduled. Before the event will escalate or create a worse atmosphere to the team.

But then the consultant "bull fierce" confirmed that the year is still professional and good spirits. Even with the heavy resistance of the team itself.SBOBET
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Postby Freshersworld213 » 09 December 2017, 06:46

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