Come to my friend, if you are not happy with Barcelona.

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Come to my friend, if you are not happy with Barcelona.

Postby soksophoan » 13 March 2018, 03:21


Philippe Coutinho, midfielder, Barcelona, ​​Barcelona is clearly not happy if Naymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain. sbobet24 Back to the top of the page up there. If true And everyone in the team will certainly welcome.Naymar moved from Barça to Pesche with a record of 222 million euros (about 8,880 million baht) in the summer. And although he made a great contribution to the giants of Paris, Brazil's 26-year-old Brazilian star has a period of news about moving back and forth in the league. Previously, Ivan Ragisi, Barca's midfielder, revealed that he would be pleased if Neymar moved back to play for Barcelona again. Comment on the same as Rikin. "I have the same feeling with Rikit, he is a great player. I played alongside him for the national team. What is it? It is not good. If he comes back to play here, we are always open to him. "Former Liverpool and Inter Milan striker. sbobet24
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