Thank you Freki ;)

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Thank you Freki ;)

Postby Predator » 13 October 2012, 22:55

Thanks again Freki, my problem has been solved. Now I can finally play this nice game and enjoy just like with GoT rpg :D

Just a friendly advice, maybe you can tell Steam to put some warning (something like: region restricted or will only be playable in Russia) on that version, just to avoid future problems.

Anyway, thanks again ;)
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Re: Thank you Freki ;)

Postby Freki » 15 October 2012, 08:21

Finally, you got it :)

And yes, we have to speak with Steam to put some warning!
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Re: Thank you Freki ;)

Postby ahmadali » 13 July 2017, 08:08

Nice Post
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Re: Thank you Freki ;)

Postby Emmagranger » 28 September 2017, 10:47

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